Monday, January 25, 2016

Pajama Party! We Reached our Goal for Cadet Pride!

You can't get much more comfortable than wearing your pajamas to school and bringing along a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to enjoy as well.  That's why I heard so many times throughout the day last Friday that "This is the best day Mrs. Kerian" and "Can we do this again soon?"  We got to enjoy a pajama day and movie in 3B on Friday to celebrate a goal we accomplished.

Students have been working hard to get 25 compliments from teachers outside the classroom.  This can be while walking in the hall, lining up at recess, lunch room behaviors, etc. but it can not be from me, Mrs. Kerian.  It also must be a whole class compliment and not to one or two people.  The only thing students had to do to get these compliments was to show good Cadet Pride.  Well two weeks ago the students received the 25th compliment while walking quietly in the hall!  So....they voted how to celebrate, and the winning vote was a pajama party!!!  So fun!!!

Great job 3B!  Let's see if we can accomplish our new goal!  You can do it!

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