Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Clubs...Time for Everyone to Get Started

Book Clubs...something that becomes a favorite of many students in 3B.  Well, we have two groups already rolling in book club discussions and now it is time for everyone to get started.  Yahoo!!!

Book clubs focus on building and understanding of reading by tracking thoughts and strategies and then sharing these thoughts in relaxed discussions focusing to build a deeper understanding of what was read.  Groups select their book of choice from various titles and will be making lots of decisions throughout the process: how much to read, when to meet next, etc.  Most of the reading is done at home although this week we will be practicing sharing our thoughts and starting our book clubs in the classroom.

A great way to record thoughts while reading silently is to track your thinking using post-it notes.  Many students find this helpful in remembering what they have read and it gives them more confidence to share their thoughts.  The tracks that the students have been practicing using are as follows:

Students will be involved in book clubs throughout 6th grade, maybe higher.  Stay tuned for pictures showing students engaged in deep discussions while enjoying their book club with classmates!

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