Monday, January 25, 2016

What Else is Happening?

I apologize for not posting a blog post in a while.  I have found that I reach more people by posting pictures, information, and events on our class Facebook Page.  Therefore, that is where most of the daily information about our class is posted.  I realize not all people have Facebook so try to update my blog page as frequent as possible.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the happenings in math and science during the past month:

We recently finished a quick math unit on writing and reading numbers up through the millions place.  Students practice reading large numbers and strategically making the largest number they could by playing a card game called 'Number Top It"

We just moved into a math unit on geometry.  Students will learn/review lines, line segments, rays, polygons, and lines of symmetry.  To record all of our new learning, students created a flip book to use and show their new learning.

To kick off our new science unit of Force and Motion, students manipulated simple toys and realized how we use a push and/or pull to play with these toys.  This was introduction to a fun unit ahead.  We then worked through a question posed from Mystery Science.  The question was as follows:

Students were guided through a video lesson trying to determine how to beat an elephant at tug of war.  They loved it!!  I am excited to use more components of Mystery Science to supplement our science standards.  Tomorrow we will work through the idea of push and pull by creating "hoppers" as guided by the Mystery Science activity.  

As you can see, we are always busy learning and having fun!

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