Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Hour of Code! We Love Coding!

Last week 3B students participated in "The Hour of Code".  Information about the Hour of Code can be found at https://hourofcode.com/us.  This was a movement set up to get all students across the world to participate in at least one hour of coding.  3B was part of this great activity and we loved it!
It is believed that all students will have to have some understanding of coding to be an effective working member of society in the future.  Learning to code at our level involved some great apps and online sites.  Many great coding activities are also found on the "Hour of Code" website at https://code.org/learn.  Students did not want to stop once they figured out how to code.  It was really a great week-long activity that we will continue throughout the year.
Along with this, students also did some coding in TECH class.  They loved coding the cars and bugs to move and drive!
I am excited to say students in 3B can code!  Can you?

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