Monday, January 25, 2016

Mid-Year Assessment Time! You Can Do It!

It is that time again.....formal assessment time.  While I am not a fan of taking time out of class to give these assessments, I am excited to see how much the students have grown academically.  So far, I am very pleased with what I am seeing!

Last week I gave the students the CBMR test, which is a fluency test done for FAST assessment from the Department of Education.  Due to illnesses, students being gone, and the site being down,  I have two or three yet to finish.  Students read three different passages as fast as they could and their words per minute were averaged minus errors.  I was extremely pleased how well everyone did and how much they have grown!!

Wednesday of this week, the 27th, students will take the AReading test.  This is the comprehension and reading skills assessment part of the FAST testing.  Again, this is for the Department of Education.  This test is not timed and done on the laptops.  Students are encouraged to try their very bests so that we can see how much they have grown since the beginning of school.  The scores on this assessment help us determine which students need extra instruction through interventions.

Thursday, January 28th, we will be taking the MAPs math assessment.  This test, if you remember, is done on the iPads and is not timed.

The last formal assessment we need to give is the MAPs reading test.  Students in 3rd grade will take that next Tuesday.

Parents, please make sure your child gets enough rest and eats a great breakfast on these testing days.  Do not stress over them as they are one picture of a child's education, but they are important.  Just tell your child to do his/her best as that is all we ever ask.

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