Friday, April 22, 2016

Yes, We are Learning Spanish

We are very fortunate to have new students speaking Spanish joining our Howard Winneshiek family and enrolling at Crestwood.    We all know learning a foreign language is a great thing to do, but now our students have more reason to learn one.  Communicating with students who are not strong in speaking English in their language is important.  Thus, I decided we would try to do some Spanish lessons with my 3B kids.  Well, I have not had Spanish since high school (which was a VERY long time ago) so I decided to seek out some help.  Thanks Brooke's mom, Libby, who teaches Spanish at the high school, for helping us out.

On Tuesdays and Thursday,  Anna and Katie will be in our classroom teaching the students sounds, words, and sentences in Spanish.  They started last Thursday and it went very well!! The students were beyond excited and tried really hard.  We have a ways to go but it is a great starting point.  These two girls are working with Mrs. Schwade planning lessons and creating activities for the students to participate in.

I will be posting some of the new words, sounds, or songs they teach us either on this blog page or our class Facebook page for parents to see what they are learning.  I encourage everyone to practice at home as well.


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