Friday, April 22, 2016

End of the Year Assessments....So Many Assessments

One round of assessments for the end of the year is over.  The students put great effort into their MAPs assessments, and I was pleased with the progress the students made over the year.  There were a few students who I feel did not put much effort into their various MAPs tests, and it showed in their score as they were done quickly.  But I am going to focus on the positive and those who worked so hard.   I am proud of each and everyone!  Students were working towards scoops of ice cream for each tests that they improved their score on.  If a student raised his/her score in all three tests (reading, math, and language), they earned 3 scoops of ice cream and toppings.  If a student only raised his/her score in two of the areas but went down in one, they only earned 2 scoops.  I think you get the idea. We will be enjoying our ice cream this week sometime!  Yummy!  These scores will be sent home with the student's report card at the end of the year.

We have also received everyone's Iowa Assessments results.  These take a lot of time to analyze and look through.  The central office is busy compressing the data and getting information ready for parents.   Just to give you a head's up, I was very pleased with the results of the Iowa Assessments.  It is the first time 3rd graders take this set of tests, so there is always some "nerves" involved and this one assessment may not present a true picture of a student's strengths. Overall, I was very pleased.  These results will also be sent home with students' report cards at the end of the year.   Please remember that this is one score for each student.  It does not represent the whole student and what he/she is capable of.  Don't put too much stress on these results, as with any standardized assessment. Students need to be proud of their score and parents can help build that perception. 

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 26th and 27th, will be days in which we do our FAST assessments.  These are tests done for the Iowa Department of Education in two areas of reading; comprehension and fluency.  Students have taken this assessment twice this year already and are familiar with them.  As the other assessments, these results will be sent home at the end of the year. 

Great job 3B!  You have been troopers and worked so hard!  I am proud of you!!!

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